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11 Dec

More Tips For The 17 Year Old UK Drivers

Posted in Car Insurance on 11.12.11

Increasingly more and more young people are heading toward "Driving". They need to be provided with sufficient tips and techniques to drive safely by maintaining all the traffic rules and regulations. This article is a little effort to help those young people (aging 17 years or more) with some outstanding driving tips. These tips are more suitable for 17 year old UK drivers. So, have a look on following tips:

As a driver, first of all you need to be aware of all the driving rules and regulations with adequate explanations on each of the rules. If you do not maintain them, you will be penalized for breach of law.

Avoid driving just after drinking any hard drinking like alcohol. This is strongly prohibited all over the world. Especially in UK, you would be seriously penalized.

Do not talk over phone while driving. Talking over phone is also restricted almost all over the world as it is another prime reason of serious accident.

Always get a seat-belt tightly wrapped to minimize serious injury in case any accident occurs.

Maintain speed level based on the road you are driving. You cannot go beyond speed specified. If you fail to maintain speed level, you will be seriously penalized. Don't rush into roads and be logical, be more and more careful in changing route.

Always try to be a defensive driver, you can maintain safe distance from other vehicles and take every move taking a little look around you.

Do not ever go for any competition of chasing any other vehicles in an open road.

Manage sufficient time to reach a certain place so that you need not to rush to reach there and in case any accident occurs.

Make sure your vehicle in okay before start of any journey. In some cases if your break does not work well, you may fall into a serious accident and by checking function ability of the vehicle.

So, these are some basic tips that every 17 years old new driver in UK should always keep in mind and maintain to avoid accident.

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05 Nov

Tips For The Young 17 Year Old Drivers In The UK

Posted in Car Insurance on 05.11.11

According to the statistics formulate in the UK, the car insurance rate for young drivers particularly the teenagers is enormously high. This is bound to happen since 17 year old drivers are much prone to get injured, or even killed at worst, from vehicular accidents and crashes. Thus they tend to compose more claims rather than older drivers.

Young 17 year old drivers prefer paying their car insurance premium through monthly installment. This mode of payment can be less of a worry but it actually has an additional charge compared to cash. Since most of them are still students or have less income if any, parents are the ones who go through the worry of paying the premiums. Not only have they dreaded on the vehicular expenses, but they undoubtedly get anxious on their children's safety.

There are some strategies or tips that can be utilized in order to decrease parents' worries and to have cheaper car insurance for 17 year old drivers in the UK:

Be cautious in driving. Based on a research conducted in UK, the chief contributors of vehicular accidents in young drivers include inadequate training, peer pressure, and not wearing seatbelts. Driving carefully is certainly the best thing you can do to avoid paying high for premiums. How? Follow the safety driving rules, such as maintaining the speed limit and wearing seatbelts, and then you'd surely be kept away from any vehicular accident. Parents can actually help by setting conditions and rules for their children who have cars. With clean records, you'll pay a reasonably less amount on your car insurance.

Drive during the times that you think are safe. Avoid driving during the night and rush hours because it allows you to pay lesser premium.

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In UK, there's this so-called Drivers Standards Agency's Pass Plus Score which consumes around 6 hours for training and guidance in inner city and night driving. Newly authorized young drivers who were able to complete the mentioned course can avail significant discounts from car insurance companies.

It is not a necessity for young drivers to own cars with modified machines or parts just like those that are used for racing. These kinds of car will have you pay so much for the insurance. Keep in mind the car insurance companies would definitely avoid racers as they are more likely to make more claims. Pick a car with small engine as much as possible.

With the increasing vehicular accident rates among the young drivers in the UK and in other parts of the world, safety measures must be considered. Desiring to become a driver and own a car entails great responsibility. If you wouldn't be liable on your actions, you wouldn't be able to shun from risks.

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